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In the loop is a new bi-weekly article that we will be running here on our website focusing on Bath, including special events, things to do and places to see!


This time, in among Bath’s Christmas Market we thought we’d highlight some of Bath’s hidden gems that might be easier to miss during the hustle and bustle in the city centre.

Our first pick is Alexandra Park,which is located at the end of the unassuming Shakespeare Avenue, just off Bear Flat. This hidden gem offers some of the most spectacular views of Bath over the city.
You will be rewarded greatly should you make the steep walk up the hill to the entrance gates of Alexandra Park. Greeted by tranquil green space filled with mature trees the park itself is beautiful in it’s own right, but once you catch your first glimpse over the crest you will be left in awe of the stunning views overlooking the the city. Whether you visit on a clear and crisp winters day, or once the sun has set to see the city illuminated, you will not be left disappointed.
Dog’s are welcome and there is a playground for children providing something for everyone.

For more information about Alexandra Park click here!


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Carrying on the theme of fantastic views our next pick is Beckford’s Tower! Built between 1826 and 1827, Beckford’s Tower is the only surviving example of William Beckford’s architectural achievements. There is a museum located on the first floor of the building that will show the rich history and architectural interest relating to the life and work of William Beckford. The real treat awaits you after a climb of 154 steps to the Belvedere at the top of the tower. From here you will be rewarded with more remarkable less seen views of Bath and the surrounding countryside.

For more information about Beckford’s Tower click here!


Beckford's Tower


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